Cian was a human kingdom in the northern reaches of Faerun. Prior to the events of the Summoner War, it was one of the most prosperous surviving human nations. Much like the city-state of Neverwinter, Cian was considered a “jewel of the north,” a bastion of stability and civilization in a wild, savage land.

All that changed twenty years ago when the Summoners invaded, ripping open dimensional portals across Cian and unleashing hordes of nightmarish abominations from the Far Realm. For ten years, the people of Cian – soldiers and civilians alike – battled the invaders across the kingdom, until the portals mysteriously vanished and the war ground to a halt. It left behind a devastated nation and only a handful of survivors.

Ten years after the war, what is left of Cian remains cut off from the world. As far as the rest of Faerun is concerned, the nation no longer exists. Only with the recent arrival of the Dragonsbane has information finally begun to trickle out.

Most major population centers have been destroyed, and huge swaths of the countryside have been rendered uninhabitable. The survivors of the war and their descendants have taken shelter in what few settlements remain. The country is rife with lawlessness and brigandage.

To be continued…


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